art history & practice: short courses 

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Introduction to Modern Art History & Responsive Creative Work (Adults)


In small groups of 6, we delve into a movement of modern art (from late 19th to late 20th) for 8 lessons where we look at the theory, the context, and explore in practice the characteristics of the movement through a creative project (drawing, painting, collage, or text).

Structure as follows, varying slightly based on the movement:

1. Introduction to modern art movements (late 19th and 20th), situation of the movement in the historical, social and cultural context, and overview of the movement itself (1 hour) + introduction to responsive free creative practice (30min)


2. Foundations, concepts, and key artists of the movement (45min) + responsive free creative practice (continuation of previous week or new piece) (45min)


3. Analysis of identifiable characteristics of the movement in theory and across key artists (45min) + introduction to the main techniques in practice through a practical art project (45min)


4. Introduction to pictorial analysis (genres, compositions, mediums, laws, etc.) and observation of the movement through this lens (45min) + practical art project (continuation of previous week or new piece) (45min)


5. Identification and analysis skills through comparisons; cross-observation and cross-interpretation between artworks of the movement and between one of these artworks and one’s own (from practical project) (1h30)


6. Gallery/museum visit (if appropriate) – observation, analysis, sketching


7. Guided practical project in the manner of the movement 1/2


8. Guided practical project in the manner of the movement 2/2


Weekly in my studio in NW10 / All materials provided / Duration: 90min / Cost: £160 per short course (8 sessions)

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