kids art birthdays 

Children Birthday Art Workshops


Celebrating your little one growing up with a creative activity is both rewarding for the children and, as they will be busy making, enjoyable for you. Workshops can have any theme your child wishes to, and make use of any of a variety of mediums (drawing, painting, collage, pop-up making, sculpture,...)

Cost includes preparation, planning, delivery, and all materials (aprons and art supplies). Duration is approx. 30min set up, 1h30 workshop, 30min clear up. For large groups, the fee also covers an assistant who will be accompanying me.


Up to 10 children: £160

10 to 20 children:  £240

Themed artsy goody bags available at an extra cost - usually approx. £40

Live music (guitar or bass) to accompany creative activities is also possible - the fee for the musician is £60

Where / How

Usually birthday workshops take place at your home, but I can also host art birthday workshops for up to 6 children in my art studio in NW London.


To organise an art birthday party, please contact me!

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