This project is the research and development of a Trauma-Focused Movement Language (TFML); a form of communication that is not contrary to the mechanisms of trauma. I am exploring the potential of TFML in healing the parts of the brain that are damaged by trauma and as a non-invasive means for trauma survivors to own and share their experiences. The aim is both for traumatised individuals to heal and be heard.


Overview: By relying on the body, the rational linguistic brain takes a step back to allow the emotional brain and its physical manifestations to lead. Beyond considering the internal experience, it uses it as the foundation to access the mental and emotional experiences – allowing a safe relationship between body, brain and mind, strengthening interoception and repairing inter and intra-relational safety.


TFML is being action-researched with others with whom the purpose of this work resonated. Its organic growth from lived experience is essential in order not to impede on the potential of its development – consequently I choose not to pre-box it by defining what type of practice it will become (therapy, therapeutic creative practice, visceral language, etc.). I believe in the value of what is enabled to happen when labels and regulations are stripped away and I believe people at the core of the matter should always be at the core of the work - beyond simple 'Patient and Public Involvement'.

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