drawing & painting : classes & mentoring 

Laura is an amazing art teacher who is equally gifted at both making and teaching arts in its many forms (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.).

For my 9 year old daughter, Laura has been a source of inspiration and guide through the history of art and artists, as well as making her discover all the different materials and techniques. Laura designs the best class adapted to the child, and carries out a programme on many weeks, bringing her pupil up to amazing achievement while relaxing and having fun. Highly recommended.


My son is hugely enjoying his lessons, he is learning so much each time. After the first lesson with Laura he said he had learnt more in one hour with her than he had learnt in all his years of school art lessons! I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Children & Adults (4 years old onwards)

Through private classes I aim to not only equip you (or your child) with valuable knowledge and skills but more importantly guide you in understanding, making use and developing the resources and creativity you instinctively hold within.

This is why all projects are entirely tailored to you. Before starting lessons, we begin with a consultancy session - much like an informal chat on your interests, perceptions and wishes, and a few exercises. I observe, assess, and then suggest a way forward which we discuss and decide on together.


How it works

Lessons can have a focus on different aspects of the learning of art – expression, creative development, design development, specific technical skills, art history – and one or a combination of a variety of mediums – drawing, painting, photography, film, performance, design, creative writing, and more.


I also mentor artists with their portfolios and project developments, either to get into undergraduate schools or in independent creative practice.

Lessons are given in my studio in NW London which is equipped with all art supplies, photography and film gear, a sewing machine and fabrics, and a vast collection of books for inspiration and research. These usually last 1h-2h and are given weekly, though I am open to other requests.



1 to 1: £40 per person per hour

1 to 2: £30 per person per hour

1 to 3: £25 per person per hour

1 to 4: £20 per person per hour

1 to 5 or 6: £15 per person per hour

A fee of £10 applies to home lessons where distance of travel is between 30min and 2h roundtrip.

Good to know

  • Lessons can be taken in either English or French

  • Fully DBS checked

  • The materials used are always of the highest quality and sourced as locally and ethically as possible.

  • I have given art classes in a variety of contexts and countries, from the most prestigious school in the world, Le Rosey, to humanitarian projects.

  • All students I have mentored so far have been accepted onto their chosen undergraduate courses.

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