yoga: classes & retreats 

Such a pleasure to take yoga classes with Laura, she is so focused, calm and professional. The class follows a pattern that builds up throughout the sessions, as Laura always adapts the level, keeping the class challenging and inspiring.

Great teacher, with great knowledge of how the body works, highly recommended.




Yoga brings mind, brain and body into a peaceful flow, a harmonious cohesion. Yoga is more than a physical practice; it is an approach, a way of being, a way of creating and inspiring the self and other, nurturing intra and inter-relational wellbeing. It is a vessel for mindfulness, a means of embodying conscious living and an opportunity to explore personal validation and growth.


Vision & Mission

Wellbeing shouldn't be restricted to the individual; it should be an exchange, a conversation intrinsic to our community. We all would benefit from a more peaceful society and yoga as a philosophy and as a discipline can play an important part of such an ecosystem. This is the reason why I practice and teach yoga – I aim to cultivate mindfulness through the guidance I offer to others and in my own continuous development.​

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A bit about my yogic journey...

I naturally gravitated towards yoga because the mindfulness and harmony between body and mind that characterises this discipline also defined my approach to dance. I believe it is not so much what you do but how you do it that matters. As such, my yogic journey started far before I begun my formal yoga training.​

As a ballerina in the Ballet de la Côte, Switzerland, I had the invaluable opportunity to dance and choreograph with dancers from the Béjart Ballet and even follow Maurice Béjart in his work. I then trained as a yoga teacher and workshop facilitator with Marcia from Marcia Sharp Yoga, London, with whom we are developing our own yoga sequences which draw upon hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga methods while blending in a balletic flow.​

I have also done a foundation training in Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga and studied the neuroscience of stress as I am conducting research on the potential of mindful movement practices in accessing the self-monitoring parts of the brain and reactivating the areas that may be damaged by mental ill health - particularly in traumatic stress.

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